First day on the job

Got here Sunday, navigating the airport was tricky but fun. Didn’t appear that any TSA agents unraveled my carefully folded 20-lb bundle of shirts and pants, this saved me ironing everything. Which would be impossible because the dorms here at William Carey don’t allow us to have irons in our rooms. Still have to locate the communal wrinkle vanquishing station, if it exists.

First thing: find transportation. Craigslisted a bike for $80, needed another $200 in improvements to make it street legal. Apparently in California bikes are just like cars and need a headlight and taillight to drive at night. Also, a certain number of reflectors, a license plate (which I am going to attempt to avoid, cross your fingers with me) and a fair amount of confidence to operate in traffic with all the motorists. Luckily I am stretching my road cycling wings in Pasadena, apparently THE idyllic bike-friendly haven for displaced college interns.

Now that I have wheels, acquiring supplies is faster by at least one order of magnitude. If I’m going to be living here for 10 weeks, I’m going to do it comfortably and frugally. Going to see how much furniture I can build with dumpster found materials and borrowed tools. Updates will be forthcoming.

In the meantime enjoy the colorful images I have accumulated for your perusal and my own posterity. 


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